My Journey Towards Writing

I was an anti-book reader who doesn’t like to read much. But at certain point of my life I decided to write a book for people to read on the topic which engages every living beings; it’s on ‘LIFE’. So to get connected with my readers, I do need to learn the manner of writing professionally and so do I decided to read books of my interest. As time passes I do start loving reading eBooks. I downloaded kindle app on my phone and it helped me read faster and engaging to more and more book of my interests. This is how my journey started with eBooks and soon we became best friends for life. This helped me a lot in self publishing my book as writing alone cannot help me out publishing so well. So kindle do play a major role in my self publishing eBook as well as paperback books. I self-published my first book ‘Life: A knot tied to your soul’ and then after published translated copy of my mom’s Gujarati book ‘ketki ni kalame’ with the name ‘The Desk – Ketki’. This is how I turned into a self-published writer; so do you can guys who are driving with similar dreams for your career.


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My Book

My first penned book is ‘life: A knot tied to your soul’ self-published by me on amazon’s kindle worldwide and in paperback format on worldwide. This is a non-fiction self-help book on the concepts of living well and flourishing your life. This book is solely containing the thoughts of author’s who describe in her words the way of celebrating your existence. It describes the understanding of life, meaning of living and reason for sustaining in this world. This book is targeted to the readers who want to bring change in their lives, who want to nourish their lives and who want to cherish their lives. Author wants to spread global love through enriching lives of others by the contents written in this book and want you too to join in this mission of spreading global love. The chapters included in this book are focused on life in general, my living trends, personal characteristics, human life, mind; body and soul connectivity, nature’s inspiration, life experiences, loving your living, desires of life, way of living and on your role in bringing change in one’s life. Read the book thoroughly and bring the understanding of living life in more better way.

Life: A knot tied to your soul


About Author

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Ms. Zeel Shah (1989-present) was born and grew up in Gujarat, India, in Hindu family. She has done her schooling from Gujarat Law Society, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and took her Bachelors degree in Interior designing from Arvind Patel Institute Of Environmental Designing College based in Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Gujarat, India. For six years she pursued her career of Interior designing and designed interior and exteriors of several buildings in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra district. She even experimented her designing skills in real gold jewelry designing and started it as a secondary career from year 2015. Her first penned book “Life: A knot tied to your soul” got self published on amazon worldwide. She has edited Gujarati books “Ketki ni kalame” and “Prem Raas” before. She even translated later on “Ketki ni kalame” in English language and named it “The Desk”.